Flower Arrangement Competition

1.Individuals who are interested to compete are invited to sign up for the flower arrangement   competition before 31 May 2019.

2.Briefing and the competition will be on the 22 July 2019 at 9:00am.

3.Participation is free.

4.The theme of the display will be determined by participants.

5.Participants are required to display their arrangements showcasing the theme through their craftsmanship which should demonstrate their passion to integrate aesthetics with sustainability.

6.The competition is open to the public. Any participant who is
interested to join the competition will need to showcase two (2) categories.

FIRST CATEGORY will comprise of hand bouquet and table arrangement. Participant will require to showcase either hand bouquet or table arrangement. A table size of *3‟ (L) X 2‟ (W) X 3‟ (H)* will be provided for this category.

THE SECOND CATEGORY will comprise of photo frame arrangement, hanging arrangement and floor-up arrangement. The participant will be provided with the following size for their arrangement.






1. The time allocated for the floral arrangement competition is 3 hours.

2. Each participant will need to participate in Two (2) of the floral arrangement categories and the arrangement must be completed within the stipulated time (3 hours).

3. Participants are not allowed to bring along any partially completed or readymade segments for any of their arrangements.

4. No photographs, books or sketches to be used by participants during the competition.

5. Participants should bring their own containers, mechanics and other materials including flowers and foliage.

6. Floral arrangements are to be done individually without any assistance or coaching.

7. Participants should ensure that their respective work area is clean and tidy at all times and all left – over flowers, foliage, etc. should be collected and disposed of by the participants after completing their arrangements.

8. All containers, flowers and materials must be collected by participants immediately after the show as specified by the show chairman.

9. For each category, there must be at least five (5) or more completed arrangements for judging. Otherwise, a mixed category will have to be decided by judging chairman for the purpose of judging.

10. Orchid flowers are to be used in at least 50% of the floral arrangement. The others materials including foliages, drift wood, vine, etc. consistent with the theme. However, artificial flowers are not permitted.

11. Judges‟ decision is final in all aspects and participants should not be present.

12. Materials used must be biodegradable or will decompose naturally within a reasonable period of time to be consistent with the theme. For instances, most plastic, polycarbonate, glass, stainless steel and etc. will not meet this requirement. However, small plastic tubes for flowers to retain water to keep flowers fresh will be allowed.

Score table for the floral arrangement.

Prizes for the Floral Arrangement Competition are as follows :